American Box

It is no coincidence if the « American Box » frames are regularly used in the art galleries.  They ha-ve the talent to enhance the subjects in a sober and very chic way.

You too, professionals and fans of photography, can benefit of this type of professional framing in order to give your images the exceptional setting they deserve!

Professional quality

Labo J-J Micheli specializes in the « American Box » production.  Your photos will at first be treated with great care
for exceptional longlife conservation, before their pasting and slightly retracted insertion in a frame made of
dark massive wood, granting your images a particular relief.

Ayous 52910

Caractéristics and finishings

  • printing on genuine traditional photographic paper
  • pasting on Dibond 2 mm
  • invisible UV  film protection
  • slightly retracted insertion in open caisson
  • finishing : genuine massive black ramin* wood
  • lifelong colour guarantee**

Ayous 4052
*  Ramin is a hard exotic wood with an ideal density for the making of quality frames. But it is also listed under the woods to be preserved.  Therefore it will be used as long as the stocks are available and will be replaced afterwards by wengé wood.

**  Direct printing on alu or dibond has low resolution quality and the colours are gua-ranteed for but 5 years.  American Box products have a lifelong colour guarantee    i.e. over 100 years!

L'option american box basic

  • printing on genuine traditional photographic paper
  • pasting on forex 5 mm
  • insertion in open melamine covered wooden caisson
  • beveled frame
  • colour guarantee over 100 years

40x40                          90 €
40x40-2 Diptych        170 €
40x40-3 Triptich        235 €
40x60                        120 €

Other formats and finishings : on request